Athena connector: autocomplete error timing out

We are running Hue 4.9.0 on an AWS EMR cluster (6.3.1). We configured our Hue installation to use the Athena connector, which seems to be working. However, for listing the tables in a certain database or for the autocompletion functionality during typing of a query, the Athena connector is repeatedly firing the following query to Athena:
select * from information_schema.tables where information_schema.tables.table_schema = ‘my_database`’

This query is giving a Interrupted exception like below after a minute or something, for a lot of the databases that we are trying.

GENERIC_INTERNAL_ERROR: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.InterruptedException: sleep interrupted

After further investigation, we noted that the exact same error is thrown when doing the same query in Athena directly, so the problems seems to reside in Athena. A support case has been logged and we are waiting for a solution on their part.

However, in the mean time, we were wondering if anyone in the Hue community has experienced the same thing before, and if they have found a workaround to overcome this without intervention of AWS. We haven’t found any reports of the same issue, so wanted to give asking it here a shot.