Authentication via OAuth 2.0 in Hue


I am looking to implement OAuth in my Hue application. The service I am interacting with uses OAuth 2.0, but it seems that Hue is only shipped with OAuth 1.0. Is there an easy way to make Hue work with OAuth 2.0? Any resources or recommendations would be helpful.


On top of OAuth2 Hue ships with an OpenId backend: OIDCBackend?

(the OAuth 1.0 are indeed “dead” at this point in time)

Sweet! That seems to put me in the right direction. It tried to submit a request to the authorize URL, but sent a redirect URI something like this: in the request.

Is there a way for me to change this redirect URI to be just something like: without the /oidc/callback in the URI?

I tried uncommenting and editing the line below, as well as restarting Hue but it made no difference.

If not, I will just have to tell the OAuth service we are using to change the redirect URI to to adhere to this issue, but wanted to see if you had any suggestions before doing that.