Byte Order Mark (BOM) in csv file and Hue import

Hi Experts,
When we try to upload a csv text file in Hue 4.2 file upload and then try to create a table using wizard, it gives an error that the first column/fieldname is invalid. Apparently there is a byte order mark in UTF-8 encoded files which Hue import create table wizard doesn’t like.

See binary display of the file in HUE which has the BOM characters ef bb bf:
0000000: ef bb bf 41 47 45 4e 43 59 43 4f 44 45 2c 41 47 …AGENCYCODE,AG

A BOM tag at the very beginning of the file means it is a text using the Unicode format:

How to make HUE table import wizard ignore the BOM characters.

4.2 is super old and not supported anymore, would recommend not upgrade to the latest which probably has a fix

Thanks Romain! In process of upgrade to CDP 7.x now latest Hue.