Create new table => Permission denied


I’m trying to follow the simple example on ‘’.
Everything goes smoothly up to point 3 (Until: Then click Submit at the bottom of the page). I then get an error message (shortened below …).
This happens with all tables that I wanted to create.

INFO : Compiling command(queryId=hive_20201230234101_df481235-cbe4-47c9-91c2-14b22c71af0f): CREATE TABLE default.201402_trip_data
TripID bigint ,
Duration bigint ,
StartDate string ,
StartStation string ,
StartTerminal bigint ,

… (message:Got exception: Permission denied: user=maria, access=EXECUTE, inode="/user/hive/warehouse":hive:hive:drwxrwx—.

What can I do?

“Sorry”: Problem solved:
I don’t know why … but: some ‘Applications’ were not in the “default” Groups e.g. filebrowser, metadata, useradmin, …
Found in - ManageUser - Permissions - Hue Permissions

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