Dashboard Configuration

I have seen 2 users (stack and cloudera community) struggling with Dashboard and went to figure out why my dashboard wasn’t even showing up. I went through a few rounds of enabling it, and setting some of the dashboard section values from false to true. As a result either hue does not start at all, or it starts with empty UI framework.

Can someone share a default dashboard configuration that should be operational?

Did you get any lead on this. I am still struggling with this.

@Ruths can you share your config for dashboard? I still have not gotten mine to work at all.

@steven, my dashboard is also not working. So was checking if you got solution for that

I need to look at this. Solr Dashboards seem ok, even SQL ones like Impala: https://demo.gethue.com/hue/dashboard/new_search?engine=impala

But this is still brittle. I am scoping re-building those with a new Query Builder widget but this is quite a bit of work.

I have tried with Solr and that doesn’t even work for me. could you please help me out.