Django connections to postgres

Connections to postgres from DJango are not closed, causing “django.db.utils.OperationalError: FATAL: sorry, too many clients already”

Iniitally there are 3to4 connections in postgres once Hue login page is launched, the number of connections go up to 15. After login when the count is 45. Then it stays around that when queries are run, etc
After logout, the count goes up by few more. At this point expect all the connections for this to be released.

Even tried by closing the browser, the connections still remained.

conn_max_age is set to 0.

Since max connections of database is 100 (default), so couple of users login, it errors with FATAL: sorry, too many clients already. And have to restart to release the connections

Is there a configuration, so the connections are released? Can we get fix for these?

@Romain, will you please provide some insight into it. It is critical for us to allow multiple users to connect.

This is blocking us, please suggest fix for this.
Additional info: this is deployed in kubernetes.