Downloading results more than 15 million resulting in Network error

We are currently using presto with hive meta-store and Mariadb on a Kubernetes Environment . With hue UI to access the presto.

We are trying to download results more that 15 million in csv format, but this is errors out with message “Network error”. We are not able to find any error in the logs as well . We are able to download upto 5 million and 10 million records with file sizes about 2gb and 4gb respectively . We tried to increase the number of hue or presto worker replicas which also did not work.

@ayush.goyal @bjorn_alm
Is there a way to download more than 15 Million records from hue as csv file with network issue error ?

Also we would like to know if there is any timeout parameter that is configured on the hue side that might be causing this “Network error” issue ?

Below is the configuration used :-


Hue tag/version :- 4.7.1

Thanks and Regards,
Satvik N