E0504: App directory [user/hue/oozie/workspaces/hue-oozie-1587660572.27] does not exist

Hi There,

I’m struggling with this really weird issue :
I’m creating a oozie workflow from the Document sections and it works fine.

However if I go to the workspace directory and run the workflow then I get a E0504 error !

I wonder whether the App directory is missing a leading “/” (does it) ?

It looks to me that HUE is making up the oozie.wf.application.path variable but incorrectly. I even tried to set a custom oozie.wf.application.path variable in the job.properties but it’s not taken. It looks to me that HUE is (incorrectly) setting up this variable for me… ???

Thanks for your help !

I dig a little deeper and I think that the error message is misleading, it could be a security issue because I saw that in the oozie logs :

2020-04-29 21:30:34,548 WARN org.apache.hadoop.security.authentication.server.AuthenticationFilter: SERVER[hranalyun1.bmbdcsad1.bmbdcs.oraclevcn.com] AuthenticationToken ignored: org.apache.hadoop.security.authentication.util.SignerException: Invalid signature

But still, what is HUE doing differently in regards with oozie when running a workflow from the Documents sections vs from the File browser ? I don’t get it