How can I get to Atlas UI?

I am playing around demo Hue and could not see any on tool bar on the top for launching Atlas UI. Could you please provide navigation details? Is it installed for demo Hue app?

Atlas UI is a different app not related to HUE so I doubt there will be such a link inside Hue.

Rightly said @ebeb, Atlas is a different app and does not have link to its own UI from inside Hue.

Hue can connect to Atlas and it can be accessed via the top search bar on the Hue UI.
Usage example:

Unfortunately, Atlas is not configured for the demo Hue app (

Hope it helps!

I need to do advanced meta query wherein I would be passing IN clause to check on how many tables have already been made into data warehouse. I would also need to search by attributes for finding differences. Prometheus HBase connection could bring in Atlas as a database. One may need to use unityJDBC or similar for cross database querying between Atlas and the database that I am migrating. UnityJDBC should also help finding Data differences. Is there any plan to accommodate these features for in order to make Hue a data governance/migration/analytics tool?

With these features, Hue also could help in change management and Data Quality maintenance activities.