How do we configure Hue to work with Flink 1.11.3 in Kubernetes?

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to use Hue Editor with Flink SQL installed on Kubernetes. I have my Flink running on POD1 and HUE running on POD2 in the same K8 cluster.

What should be my below setting?


# The address that the gateway binds itself.
bind-address: <what_ip_address_should_this_be>
# The address that should be used by clients to connect to the gateway.
address: <what_ip_address_should_this_be>

options=’{“url”: “http://<what_ip_address_should_this_be>:8083”}’

Is the <what_ip_address_should_this_be> is a IP for Job Manager?

I’m not sure if this documentation has proper instructions.

Please help.


This should be the hostname of the Flink SQL Gateway. You would obviously need to kubernitize the service first. Maybe people on did it already.

If not, a Deployment an Service similarly to the example using the image
Docker image: should work.