How to disable hdfs file in left menu of HUE

Hi Team ,

I have 2 asking on hdfs file system.
1 .I want to disable the hdfs File menu appears in left side bar but enable S3 .
2. How can I restrict hue user to not see other user’s hdfs folders.

As I know S3 and Files both are included in filebrowser app. How can I enable S3 and disable File option in left sidebar of HUE.

Make sure the HDFS section of the hhue.ini is empty?


Hi Romain,

Its working partially , I want to use only S3 not hdfs.
I am facing issue in data importer and Table wizard. Along with S3 I am getting hdfs option where in backend I can see many errors.

Errors :

  1. it is trying to access /user/ directory which can not be used without HDFS
  2. While choosing File in Data importer along with S3 I can see HDFS which cause issue in server backend errors.