How to download multiple files from hue?

Hi, I’m working on intercluster migration and now I’m working on oozie workflow migration in the old cluster. But download in hue interface is not working properly.

Here’s what I’m going through.

  • If I select a folder in the file browser of hue, or click actions with more than one file selected, the download button will not be activated.
  • If I try to compress with more than one file selected, the error “Exception occurred while compressed files: name ‘file’ is not defined” will occur and will not be compressed.
  • I tried to see if there was an api that could do this, but I couldn’t find it.
  • Downloading files one by one and uploading them to the new cluster one by one works normally, but I avoid working one by one because there are more than hundreds of targets.

Why is this problem happening? And how can I solve this problem easily?