Hue 4.10 with kerberised hadoop cluster

I’m trying to install HUE using a docker image to connect to an apache hadoop cluster.

The cluster is kerberised.

I can see numerous posts around the configuration, and mapping files to take the kerberos configuration into the docker container, but I don’t seem to have kinit available within the container.

Am I missing something obvious?

I will need to connect to HDFS 2.10, hive 2.3.6, oozie 4.3.0, spark 2.4.5, impala 2.10 - in case that impacts.

You can try and install the kerberos packages using yum install or apt:

OS Packages Required
RHEL 7 Compatible
openldap-clients, krb5-workstation, krb5-libs

openldap2-client , krb5-client

ldap-utils , krb5-user

I encounter the same problem when I want to use the docker image of HUE 4.10. It seems that several packages are missing in this docker image while it works fine with the docker image of HUE 4.8.
I don’t understand this regression.

Thanks for responses. The docker container appears to be ubuntu, and as I couldn’t get proxies configured to get out through docker and the corporate firewalls I downloaded the .deb files for krb5-user and the missing dependencies from, copied them into the container and did a local install using apt. This seems to be working, I just need to figure out my other config issues now.

For reference, I installed: