Hue 4.6.0 issue when saving quires Django error

Hello all,

We are using Hue 4.6.0 docker image and all users are connected via LDAP .

Only some users are getting some issue when saving some quires.

get() returned more than one Document2Permission — it returned 2!

Not sure how to debug this one because we are not seeing any other error around this.

Any suggestion would help us .


Weird one, you might need to go in the database to delete the duplicate records in Document2Permission table.

Thanks for the response. I definitely see a bunch of duplicate records here. Before I delete these. Is it possible to share what this tables are and how these duplicates are formed ? Because I still didn’t get what Document2Permission contains and how deleting these records will resolve.
Also couldn’t find this information in repo.

Is used for saved document sharing (e.g. when User 1 shares a query with User 2).

About the why, this sounds like a rare bug and if there was a way you would share the logs or detail what you did/how to reproduce we could track it.

Thanks a lot for sharing the info. I am looking into the logs and will the debug logs with it.
Between sample Document2Permission data looks like below in our case

id, perms,doc_id,is_link_on

For every record we have a duplicate entry . So should I be deleting all duplicate entries here ? Or is this a wrong table (because every entry here has duplicates hence asking )

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