HUE-8737 Installation on CDH 6.3.2

Hi, I’m using CDH 6.3.2 and I found that Python 3.6 interpreter is not supported on CDH’s Hue. In my current cluster, I already have Hue service installed on 2 nodes with a load balancer and it works just fine. One of my teammate wanted to use PySpark notebook with Python 3.6 (>=) interpreter and I found that there is a workaround provided by [HUE-8737]. In another node than 2 nodes Hue installed, I’m trying to install Hue following HUE-8737 commit. When I run ‘build/env/bin/hue runserver’, it runs on ‘localhost:8000’. Therefore, I made some configurations in ‘desktop/conf/pseudo-distributed.ini’ and I set IP and port which can be accessed to ‘http_host’, ‘http_port’ parameters. Even though, when I run the hue server, it still runs on ‘localhost:8000’. My question is how can I install Hue manually on a CDH 6.3.2 node and make it accessible?

In your case, one of the best way would be to checkout upstream Hue and replace the one in /opt/cloudera.

Python 3 supports is getting there, but it has many commits (50+) which are in CDP Data Center, not the “old” CDH. So better to use upstream until it gets to CDP DC.