Hue SDK custom app examples + docs?

I’m using Hue with Oozie workflows in a corporate environment (i.e. I’m not an admin or have control over the installation etc) and need to a UI that gives me a bit more interaction than Oozie allows (just prompting for variable inputs), i.e. I’d like to create a page with a couple of input fields and buttons, that then launch Hive queries (and maybe do a bit of processing on the results or feed a result into a second Hive query).

It seems like a custom Hue app could be the way to do. Despite quite a bit of Googling the only thing I can find is the official SDK page giving a brief overview of the process.

Does anyone know where I might find more info on what’s possible with this, how to put together an app, examples etc?
Or any other ways of achieving some buttons + custom input fields to a Hive query?
(we’re running Hue v4)