Hue Spark Sql with livy connector jars support


With regards to this thread: , do you know if we could get Hue Spark SQL Livy connector to work with jar packages?

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Could you explain some more what it is?

Hi Romain,

Sorry for the delay. Sure.
If a client would like to add extra libraries/jars to the livy interpreter through spark.jars.package is it something that could be achievable through Hue?


Could you be even more explicit?

Hue is leveraging the Livy API,, so if you can do it there you can do it via Hue.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Given the example livy rest api json call below:
“className”: “org.apache.spark.examples.SparkPi”,
“jars”: [“a.jar”, “b.jar”],
“pyFiles”: [“”, “”],
“files”: [“foo.txt”, “bar.txt”],
“archives”: [“”, “bar.tar”],

“driverMemory”: “10G”,
“driverCores”: 1,
“executorCores”: 3,
“executorMemory”: “20G”,
“numExecutors”: 50,
“queue”: “default”,
“name”: “test”,
“proxyUser”: “foo”,
“conf”: {“spark.jars.packages”: “xxx”},
“file”: “hdfs:///path/to/examples.jar”,
“args”: [1000],

I couldn’t find yet in the Hue docs( didn’t check yet the code) how individual Hue users can pass the conf parameters for their session.