Hue with HDP 2.x & 3.x

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First time posting so be gentle.

I have recently been working on Ambari Hue Service for HDP 2.x and 3.x. I have finished the repo to install the service for Hue 3.x and 4.x with minimal manual steps. I am now working on a Management Pack that will allow install of HUE to HDP 2 or 3. There is still much work to do, but install and startup is operational with additional steps to configure and setup plugins (hive, hdfs, etc) completed from within ambari.

Master Repo 3.x:
Hue 4.x is in the branch Hue.4.6.0:

I should have the 4.x management pack done soon and will post again when I get it ready. It will be some additional time after that for a full management pack that allows Hue 3 or 4 in any HDP stack from 2.0 to 3.4.

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This is really good Steven!

When Hue 4.x and the management pack are ready, we could even do a a blog post and to the install docs.

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Yes, should be visible now. Thanks!

Still don’t see it. The reply had multiple links in it to repos for different flavors of Hue 3 & 4 and HDP 2 & 3. After posting it said it was spam needing approval. I assume too many links?

End of day yesterday I did an HDP 2.6.5 install of Hue 3.11.0 via the Management Pack. Full stack installs and starts as expected. I just have a few more artifacts and lots more testing to finish before all the combos work from appropriate m-packs.

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Indeed, sorry about this! Found a way to fix it, should be better now!

@Romain awesome thank you.

I am gonna try and link the management pack now:

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