Idle_session_timeout is not working

Hi ,

idle_session_timeout is not working as expected.
Explanation : I have setup idle_session_timeout = 600 seconds . but this time is not being changed once user perform any operation. User is logging out after 10 minutes even I am not idle I am performing some operation but still its getting timed out and user is logging out.

Did you put it in the good section? You can check what Hue got in the /dump_config page

Yes I have put in exact location and I have put idle_session_timeout = 600 seconds

I can see when user logged in the django_session table’s expiry_date column shows after 600 seconds. But this column value is not getting changed as soon as user perform any operation.

Example : Suppose user logged in at 10:00 am and at 10:05 am user perform some operation and then go in idle state.
Behavior : At 10:15 am session should get timeout but it is happening at 10:10 am itself.

Which Hue version? It works for me on master

I am using Hue 4.6 development mode. The last git commit in my checkout is : 6231742eb07eb2e62e6e5eee9db5550a28232c19 I have not checkout post that commit due to development things.

Please upgrade to get ’ * 523f6a4e28 HUE-9120 [core] Fix issue in Hue with closing impala session on logout’ from

In general we really recommend to use the very latest version as it fixes most of your problems and those are pretty stable.

Hi Romain,

Okay but upgrading to latest version we may loose existing functionality and can get new UI changes. I guess to put request.session.set_expirt_date in middleware files will resolve the issue.