Making SSL Work with HUE Behind Apache HTTP Server

We have setup hue behind the Apache HTTP and have configured HUE to have following

User -> Apache -> Gunicorn (Django)
Our Apache frontend is HTTPS protocol, whereas Hue is using Http so we have set Apache to pass an HTTPS are protocol to Hue.

Can HUE work with such combination or it can be all Http or all Https


Request are getting forward as HTTPS, we are able to Login to the application and see partial screens.
As it results in error " It looks like you are offline or an unknown error happened. Please refresh the page."

https://ext_lb_hostname/home?&is_embeddable=true - this throw 404 errors

In browser web console we see following errors
Route loading problem and the Request Header has X-Requested-With is set to Hue.

Our Hue installation with HTTP works fine and we don’t see any issue, these issue are appearing only with HTTPS.

What settings are desired for Hue to be deployed as HTTP and with HTTPs.

While we are using F5 LTM load-balancer instead of Apache HTTP the concept may be similar:
User ==> F5 LTM (https) ==> HUE(http)

So https terminates at the F5 and Hue is serving http without SSL. This has been working without issues for a long time now. I dont have the settings in F5 but in Apache some proxypass / proxypassreverse and other settings may be needed. Also take a look at the blog for apache and nginx below:

ProxyPass / http://HUE_INSTANCE_IP:8888/ connectiontimeout=15 timeout=30
ProxyPassReverse / http://HUE_INSTANCE_IP:8888/