No module named future


I believe I have all the prerequisites installed for Hue. I’m running Python 3.9. I have installed the future module with pip, pip3, and pip3.9, both for the hue user and under root on RHEL 8.7. I have installed python3-future and python3.9-future, but every time I try build apps, I get the same error. This appears several times in the error stack before the install fails: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'future'

Any suggestions would be apricated.

Thank you,
Eric Brown

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Hi Eric,
have a look here and see if it can fix your problem

Hello @eric.brown,

I would recommend to re-install python or try to install module ‘future’ to proceed further. Sometimes may be due to permission issue.

pip3 list-- format=column ## To check list of installed python module

pip3 install future

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Thanks @bjorn_alm. I’ve added more details to the bug report in the hope if finding a solution.

Hi, @venkateshmaisur,

I try pip install future and pip3 install future, but it doesn’t work; it returns:

Defaulting to user installation because normal site-packages is not writeable
Requirement already satisfied: future in /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages (0.18.2)

I have the same error than @eric.brown even after to have install future module.

Anybody has installed hue sucessfully in Ubuntu?

I found the solution, or more accurately, the solution was suggested from the github bug report, and it worked for me.

Set the environmental variable ROOT to the path of your hue installation.
export ROOT=/opt/hue for example
After setting this, my install worked, and I was finally able to log into Hue.
FWIW: This instruction is listed under step 9 of the section titiled M1 or Intel based Macs with Python 3, and I’m not using a Mac, I skipped this section. Maybe setting the ROOT environment variable should be located somewhere else in the documentation.