Not able to download/ export query results

I am not able to find export/download results option for query results

We are currently using presto with hive meta-store and Mariadb on a Kubernetes Environment . With hue UI to access the presto . Any anyone please let me know what can be the issue ? I suspect there is misconfiguration with how hue is configured . Below is the hue configuration . Can anyone please let me know if anything more needs to be configured

  create: false
  persist: true
  engine: "mysql"
  host: "sip-presto-mariadb"
  port: 3306
  user: "hue"
  password: "hue"
  name: "hue"
interpreters: |
  name = Mariadb
  options='{"url": "mysql://hue:hue@sip-presto-mariadb:3306/hue"}'

  name = Presto
  options='{"url": "presto://sip-presto-coordinator:80/hive/default"}'

  # Set a particular S3 bucket as the default

ini: |

Hi satvik,

it looks like you are using the latest and still experimental version of the query editor. This version is enabled on our demo page but is not intended for production yet. In your config you should set:


Hope that helps

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Hi Björn ,

That completely worked, thank you for your inputs.

Thanks and Regards,

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Hi @bjorn_alm

The suggestion given by you totally worked. Thank you so much.
Could we know the purpose behind marking " enable_notebook_2=false" ?

Thanks & Regards,
Sushmitha V

Hi @susv0001, “enable_notebook_2” is a feature flag that enables the new experimental second version of our query editor. The new version will in many aspects be a great improvement, but it is to be considered work in progress and is still lacking som basic functionality like download/export etc. The value of “enable_notebook_2” is true for our demo site so that our community has the chance to test the new version and provide feedback, but the flag should be set to false in any production environment.

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@bjorn_alm Okay. Thank you for the information.
Could u please suggest a consistent stable version of query editor apart from which we are using (20220308-140101) which consists of download option so where we do not have a need of disabling enable_notebook_2=false ?

@susv0001 Here is the list of the latest official releases, I would suggest to use 4.10

We are in the process of releasing 4.11 which will be out soon, but at this point the latest release is from 2021.

Thank you this was really helpful We tried 4.7.1 since it was supporting all the functionality required by the team…
But we are facing an issue while downloading through excel format.
@bjorn_alm We are getting 504 Gateway Time-out while exporting huge data in excel format.
could u please help us out what might be the solution for the exact cause…

After 60 sec of clicking on the export button, It throws this timeout error.

Thanks & Regards,

@ayush.goyal any thought on this?

@bjorn_alm not sure at this moment, need to look for the specific version as we are using the Hue 4.10 and it is working perfectly there.

@susv0001 so are you also facing this issue when you are downloading the through CSV format?

@ayush.goyal We are using 4.7.1 version.
The 504 gateway timeout error is occurred when we try to download through “excel” format after 60sec of clicking on download option…

I got it @susv0001, but I am asking that is it happening only for excel format or for all formats like CSV?
I checked the code and we haven’t changed anything in that particular section.
If possible can you attach the logs to check where it is failing?

Its happening only for excel format actually.Not for csv…

@bjorn_alm In The version 4.7.1 which we are using, We are able to install presto…But not able to upgrade.We dont get to see the login page…Instead we are facing this error in the login page :

Any thoughts about this issue ?
Previously when we were using the tag 20220308-140101 , Install as well as upgrade was working as expected and could access the UI…

@bjorn_alm @ayush.goyal
We are not able to login if we upgrade presto in this particular version 4.7.1.
Installation is working fine. But , when we are trying to upgrade , we are facing this error in the login page.
I can share you the logs of the hue pod… Please let us know if there are any solutions…

We were able to login with our previous version 20220308-140101.for both installation as well as upgrade.

Hi @susv0001,

can you try the latest 4.11 version that we just released?

Hello @bjorn_alm @ayush.goyal
We had a conversation related to the download option in presto…
We are now using the hue version 4.7.1 and disabled notebook according to your suggestion and we are able to download the query results in csv or excel format…
Our concern now is that when we try to download query results through csv or excel , We see the re-execution of queries while downloading which itself is becoming a major glitch when it comes to performance point of view…
So can u provide us any configuration to stop this re-execution which happens while downloading the query through csv or excel ?