Performance Issues Encountered with Hue 4.11.0

Dear Hue Community,

We recently upgraded our system from Hue 4.7.1 to the latest version, Hue 4.11.0, and have encountered some performance-related challenges that we hope to address with your assistance.

  1. Query Result Fetching Behavior:
    In our previous version, Hue 4.7.1, the user experience was notably efficient in terms of fetching query results. Upon submitting a Presto SQL query, Hue promptly retrieved partial data using the /notebook/api/fetch_result_data API and continued to fetch paginated data as the user scrolled, without waiting for the entire query execution to complete. However, with Hue 4.11.0, we have observed a change in behavior. The /notebook/api/fetch_result_data API endpoint is called only once the query execution status is completed, leading to a delay in accessing partial data and potentially impacting user experience negatively.

  2. Query Execution Failures:
    Since upgrading to Hue 4.11.0, we have encountered frequent failures during query execution with the error message:

“Results have expired, rerun the query if needed.”

This interruption in query execution is disruptive to our workflow and requires manual intervention to resolve.

  1. Download Performance Degradation:
    Additionally, we have noticed a significant increase in download time for executed query results in Hue 4.11.0 compared to the previous version. For example, downloading 2 million data records took approximately 2 minutes in Hue 4.7.1, whereas in Hue 4.11.0, it takes around 15-16 minutes. This deterioration in download performance is impacting our productivity and workflow efficiency.

We are reaching out to the community to inquire if there are any configurations or optimizations available to address these performance issues in Hue 4.11.0. We are keen to explore any potential solutions or best practices that could enhance the performance and usability of our system.

Your insights and suggestions would be greatly appreciated as we strive to optimize our experience with Hue 4.11.0.

Please refer to the screenshots attached.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.