Proper way to migrate documents and query histories

Following earlier discussions and notable downsides, e.g., Hue 4.7.1 and jobbrowser, what would be the correct way to migrate all of the existing documents to a new (latest) HUE system?

We previously tried the following:

  1. Dump the old Hue database
  2. Setup a new and clean (latest) Hue environment; drop clean database, import the one from step (1.)
  3. Upgrade through syncdb.

This seemed natural to keep the all of the previously collected user history. However, certain downsides seem to arise occasionally, e.g., the previously mentioned topic, Migrating to newer HUE version, and similar.

I can note that the old database (from step 1) is generated starting with Hue 3.8 or similar, so structural changes in various tables can be expected.

However, we’re not sure if manual copy-pasting of all of the documents is a good idea…

This is a good strategy. Just do not forget the migrate command too (syncdb is not doing the migrations anymore) in case there was some DB migrations (but it has been pretty stable for a while there).

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