Query Session Cache

Using Notepad2 to connect to our database using Sqlalchemy.
I enter a query (select statement) in the editor and execute, the results show correct. Then I change the query, say add another column to the column list and select execute, the results that are displayed without this new column, basically the results of the previous query execute.

We would like to turn this session cache, and always execute the query when execute is selected, is there a configuration that can be set for this result?

Also some times, when execute is selected, there is error, in the log it shows Raised QueryExpired exception, which eventually is returned as Query Error.

So would like to completely turn this off, and always send the execute to database.

Thanks for the feedback!

Was actually fixed yesterday

This is weird, we will have to check. Normally the query result result should disappear as soon as the query changed.

And I just checked the last point and can’t repro. Is the Query valid?

Right now executing a query with error can behave like a bad query expired and this will be fixed shortly.

Thanks Romain for your response. The query is valid.
There is randomness with session, like query does not return results or returns previous results (may be it never got any results for the new query, hence not updating the previous results). WHen this happens, no error is displayed. And after multiple tries, the correct results are shown.

I will try to get the fix and test.