Reverse proxy static URLs with Docker image

Hi folks, I’m using HUE inside of a Docker composition, i.e.:

    image: gethue/hue:20220131-140101
      - "8890:8888"
      - type: bind
        source: ${PWD}/etc
        target: /usr/share/hue/deskop/conf

I have an Apache HTTPD in front of that, reverse-proxying to port 8890 (and thence to port 8888 in the Docker container) with

<VirtualHost *:443>
  ProxyPass /hue http://localhost:8890/hue
  ProxyPassReverse /hue http://localhost:8890/hue

Hue’s HTML loads fine, except that it generates URLs to static resources incorrectly, like

<link href="/static/desktop/css/roboto.895233d7bf84.css" rel="stylesheet">

These URLs should have /hue prepended to them.

I know Django apps let you manipulate STATIC_URL and STATIC_ROOT but I’m not sure what “magic” is happening inside of Hue. Can Hue serve these static resources directly? What can I put in my hue.ini to make this happen?