Session configuration in hue-- concurrent_user_session_limit

My hue service version is 3.9.0+cdh6.1.0,Do not want a user to be used by more than one person,I want to limit each user to one login at a time. So I changed the configuration of hue. ini, " concurrent_user_session_limit=1", but it doesn’t work I can still log in to an account in multiple browsers at the same time. When I change other configurations in session, they are valid, such as expire_at_browser_close=true, I don’t know why. Can’t concurrent_user_session_limit be used?

The goal of concurrent_user_session_limit is a per user limit only. e.g. You are logged in a browser, you login in another one, it auto logs you out of the first one.

Curious, what is the business purpose of trying to have max one user at the same time? (maybe we could find another workaround)

First of all, thank you very much for your reply. Now my problem is that I’ve configured concurrent_user_session_limit=1, but there’s no automatic logout for two browsers that log in to the same account and the first browser that logs in.In addition to concurrent_user_session_limit, do I need to modify other configurations?

My business purpose is not to let a lot of people use an account, because there are more accounts using hue now. Everyone who wants to use hue must apply for their own account, not others.

My problem has been solved.The concurrent_user_session_limit parameter settings are only available in version 4.2 of hue.