Some JavaScript files not being cached?

We’re running Hue 4.8.0 behind an nginx reverse proxy and noticed that while most javascript files are being properly cached, there are some files being requested by /hue/editor that have a ?_=<timestamp> query parameter appended and thus end up being transferred every time. Is there any reason for this behavior? One would think that files like bootstrap-timepicker.min.js etc., are static.

Would you happen to have dev=true in the [desktop] section?

no, dev is not configured at all, unless true is the default?

Depends if you picked a dev or released version. You can check the values on the page /hue/desktop/dump_config

It’s set to false, tried also setting it explicitly and the effect is the same.

Just to clarify: only some of the js files have this URL parameter (all of which are being requested by /hue/editor, as seen in the screenshot), most files are cached properly.