SQL editor increase timeout more than 1 minute

Hi Team,

I am running athena query with LIMIT 100000 records , but I can see after 1 minute I am getting 504 gateway Time-out . I have tried by increasing rest-timeout more than 2 minutes does not workout.

Please help how to increase timeout for queries.

You can also try to increase the ProxyTimeout 600 or higher in the Hue config. See https://docs.cloudera.com/documentation/enterprise/release-notes/topics/cdh_rn_hue_ki.html

Is it for all the queries? Is the query being executed? (do you see a check status progress?) This can also be seen via the Chrome developer console XHR tab.

Hi Romain,

It is for query being executed , if I check status progress showing as “pending” for 1 minutes and after 1 minute status would be 504 and webpage will show 504 Gateway Time-out

Hi Ebeb,

I am not using impala , using athena connector which will execute query by HUE notebook api
/notebook/api/execute/ and the query is taking around 10 minute and I am getting 504 gateway timeout after 1 minute.

Hi Ebeb and Romain,

Issue got resolved AWS ALB connection idle timeout increased and it got worked.