SSL for beeswax in hue.ini

I would like to know why in the configuration (hue.ini) of [beeswax] [[ssl]] option “enabled” is not provided similarly to the same in [impala] [[ssl]] ?

From what I understood ssl for beeswax is enabled or not based on the value of property “hive.server2.use.SSL” in hive-site.xml. That implies that in order to enable SSL for hive you need to create and keep hive-site.xml with this single property.

It would be nice to change a bit behavior of this configuration parameter so that it will become possible to enable ssl for beeswax from hue.ini instead of (or in addition to) hive-site.xml.

@Romain I was looking for “Feature request” option somewhere (in github and but wasn’t able to find it, hopefully this is appropriate place for such a question/proposal.

Hue relies on the hive-site.xml as this creates a lot of extra properties. However, this would be a valid request or the logic could be changed to default to disabled when nothing is configured. is a good place for feature requests/pull requests and those are welcomed. Beeswax/Hive config is

This work would come handy later as reusable for