The Query performance of the Hive editor is poor

Hue 4.2.0, when I use Hive editor, materialized view, syntax hint, autocomplete and other features are good, but the query performance is poor, which I can’t accept.When I switch to sparkSql editor, query performance is good, but found the left hive library table field information disappeared, and syntax prompt, automatic completion function is not as good as Hive;Generally speaking, Hive is easy to use, but the query performance is poor (Hive on Spark mode, spark engine is used).Sparksql queries perform well (using Spark on Hive), but are not easy to use.Can usability and performance be combined effectively? Does the latest version solve this problem?

Performance comparison:
sql:SELECT count(*) from dw.nginx_log WHERE pt='2021-10-05
There are 1.5 billion pieces of data
1 When I use the Hive editor to query, it takes a few minutes
2 When I use sparkSQL editor query, it takes less than 30 seconds