User creation in Hue

We are looking to automate the user creation in hue, can you please help? Is it possible with REST Api’s?
Can you please share the example to create a user using Api’s

Thanks for the reply.
I tried this

curl -i -X GET hueserver:8888/hue/accounts/login/?fromModal=true -o /dev/null -D -

curl -v -X POST hueserver:8888/hue/accounts/login/ -d 'username=hueadmin&password=PASSWORD' -o /dev/null -D - --cookie "csrftoken=CSRFTOKEN;sessionid=SESSIONID" -H "X-CSRFToken: CSRFTOKEN"

curl -X POST hueserver:8888/hue/useradmin/users/new  --data '{"username":"usersample","password1":"password123","password2":"password123","ensure_home_directory":"on","groups":"2","is_active":"on"}' --cookie "csrftoken=CSRFTOKEN,sessionid=SESSIONID" -H "X-CSRFToken: CSRFTOKEN" -o /dev/null -D -

Getting 302 redirect when I log in and when I tried running hue/useadmin/users/new getting authentication failure

Below is the log

hueadmin - "POST /hue/accounts/login/ HTTP/1.1" - (mem: 174mb)-- Successful login for user: hueadmin

 hueadmin - "POST /hue/accounts/login/ HTTP/1.1" returned in 116ms 302 0 (mem: 174mb)
 hueadmin - "POST /hue/useradmin/users/new HTTP/1.1" - (mem: 174mb)-- Failed login for user: None
 hueadmin - "POST /hue/useradmin/users/new HTTP/1.1" returned in 96ms 200 238629 (mem: 174mb)

Can you please help in this?