Username length limit

We have found that there is a limitation of 30 character for the username length. We are currently using SAML for user user authentication. It is configured without user creation after the first login in. So we are creating the users previously manually to handle what users will access to Hue. The problem occurs when the string is longer than 30 characters, in those cases we are not able to create manually the user. We have checked that on database the column is varchar(150) so it seems that limitation comes from the web form. Is there any way to increase the limit of 30 characters of the username?

This might be due to

For info, which Hue version are you using?

Note that should fix it. Alternatively, inheriting and overriding the auth backend should work.

Thanks for the replay Romain!

We are using the last version, 4.6. As workaround we are creating the users inserting manually the rows in the database. We will try modifiying the limits on the source code you linked.

Thanks again!