Version control for HUE documents

What are the best practices for some kind version control of HUE documents? It would be a good example to use something similar to git, with previous file versions or dev/master tags; showing diff’s of what’s new, etc. Is something like this planned in the future?

From our personal experience we noticed that it’s quite easy for a developer to accidentally open an older file version (e.g., if it was cached on the browser or only runned, but not saved) and implement new updates, only later realizing that some previous updates are missing. While it’s easier to notice for a developer, the business users will not check the queries and miss the updates. Storing copys with appended _v2, _v3… is not very convenient, same with managing versions with query history (e.g., if we would manage major/minor file versions through comments). This could be solved with dev/master tags, with an option to “release” the file for the business users; or something similar.

Yes, those are great points. Currently there are those items planned:

Git integration HUE-951 as well as showing-up all the history of a query in one place (via query history documents or saving backup of queries with changes).

Would it be something you would be interested in contributing back with some guidance?