Web HUE installation and set up is done. Bu the dashboard is not working


I have recently set up the Hue set up on my hadoop cluster and everything seems fine. I was able to open the webhue ie., localhost:8888 and i can see the HDFS, HBase and Mysql. But I am still facing some issues on this. Could anyone please help me out in this regard. Problems facing are : Hive connection: I am using beeline and i was able to connect to hive databses using beeline on the shelll But in the web hue, it shows error loading databases. The configuration i have used in hue.ini file is


Port where HiveServer2 Thrift server runs on.


The second issue is even though i was able to connect to the mysql database, the issue i am facing is in the dashboard tab. I can see all the widgets and charting options like pie,bar etc. But when i drag and drop them on the page, its loading forever. I dont able to see any chart of the table data.

Please help me out as i have been trying since 10 days and i could not able to find any pointers yet.