Unable to see Hive/Mysql query results in Hue after page refresh


Sorry for the dump question, I’m new user in Hue.
We have a Hue server with Hive and Mysql databases set.

We can query these databases in Editor page and also we can see the results of a query after it has finished, but only in the original page in which the query has been launched. (Picture 1)

If we close/refresh/open another page in Hue, in this new page we see (this applies also to Hive and Mysql):

  • if the original page is not closed: “result available”, without any possibility of visualizing them (Picture 2)
  • if the original page is close: “result expired” (Picture 3)

(The pictures are taken from Hive editor, but these happens also to Mysql tab).

So my question is how can I see the results for a query in another page? (I ask this because we have long running queries in Hive and we can’t keep the original page open for a long time)

I have read all the articles about query results [1],[2], etc. Also I didn’t find any videos that explain how to see results of finished queries.

We are using latest Hue docker (gethue/hue:20211209-140101)

Again, sorry for this dump question, but I didn’t found any clue about how to see query results.

Thank you.

[1]Results have expired, rerun the query if needed

You cannot see the results of one query in another page. Not sure why you would want to do that but my suggestion is that you should write your query results to hdfs so that when it is completed, it can be accessed and shared by anyone (any page, any window).

insert overwrite local directory ‘/tmp/myquery.csv’
row format delimited
fields terminated by ‘,’
select * from web_logs;

Good luck!